On completion of M. Arch. in Urban Design from London Metropolitan University in 2003, Amit became a part of John Thompson & Partners (JTP), a leading Architectural, Urban Design & Community Planning practice in London that has pioneered the approach of community-led urbanism in the UK. JTP is a multidisciplinary international practice having work presence UK, Europe, Russia, China & Middle East.

At JTP, he gained substantial experience of working on variety of projects for high profile Government bodies as well as for private developers. He played a key role in some of the prestigious mixed-use Masterplans, complex Regeneration schemes, Vision making proposals & Strategic Area Development Frameworks. These included projects within London Olympics 2012 Legacy Masterplan, UK Government’s Housing Market Renewal Program & Urban Design and Regeneration schemes for private sector clients. He combined his innovative Urban Design skills with collaborative ‘charrette’ based approach building upon Principles of Sustainability & ‘Place-making’. (Images & illustrations in this section were created for JTP projects.)

Amit played a key role in several Regeneration & Urban Design schemes within ‘London Olympics 2012 Legacy Masterplan’ in East London that included wider area planning, urban design strategies, landscape codes & building architecture. In line with Mayor of London’s vision to integrate existing light industries, a new mixed use building typology was introduced to create thriving urban quarters with residential, commercial, recreational, art & media activities. High quality urban design, socio-economical transformation, creative use of existing industrial heritage, active use of waterways & sustainability are the salient

Amit also worked on UK Government’s Housing Renewal projects aiming to revive housing stocks & socio economic conditions in several cities. Apart from Planning & Urban Design, he gained substantial experience of Community Planning & Stakeholder Consultation with was a top Government priority for these projects. His graphic & hand drawing skills played important role in this process as his illustrations & perspectives proved quite effective in conveying the Urban Vision to the stakeholders & the community.

This sustainable residential highrise project is situated next to the famous Tower Bridge and London Bridge transport interchange. The project strategically sits in London’s tall building cluster including the Shard of Glass (Europe’s tallest building ) and creates a new landmark in the skyline of London. The Masterplan sets out proposal of new housing in sustainable high-rise towers, retail use, community uses, recreational facilities as well as new civic square for South London. In this challenging urban Masterplan, number of London-wide skyline studies were carried to analyse the tall building proposition against strategic view corridors such as St. Paul’s Cathedral & other landmarks in London.

Mixed use development in Southampton, UK.